About Pack 14 

Tel: 339-236-4062

Lakeville, MA 02347

Pack 14 is led by Anna Chagnon  with support from the Pack Commitee. The Pack Committee is a group of adult family members of the Cub Scouts, led by the Pack Committee Chair, who plan the pack program and activities and manage record keeping, dues collection, popcorn program, leadership recruitment and Cub Scout registration.   

The Pack is made up of several Dens of Cub Scouts who advance together and are led by Den Leaders and Assistant Den Leaders who run each den: Lions, Tigers, Bears, Wolfs, Webelos, and Arrow of Light. Most often dens are led by adult family members of scouts in that den. Parental involvement is key to the success of the Cub Scout program and an important component of your son's growth in Scouting.  

Annual Dues for our program for the entire year is $140. These dues cover the fee paid per scout ($40) to the Narraganset Counsel. The Counsel sponsors low cost activities for all packs in our area. The remaining $100 pays for all of the special events at each Pack meeting, the Pinewood derby car kit, awards your child will receive, many special events including the Covered Wagon Derby, the Pinewood Derby, Bridgewater Observatory, Rocket Launch Camp, Patriots Hall of Fame Tour and the Cranberry Bog Tour.  There is also a national registration fee due in January  of $33 to register a Cub Scout for calendar year 2018. If the fee becomes a problem for any family, there are ways your scout can “pay his way” by selling popcorn. Mrs. Chagnon can help explain this option.

​Certain optional events are not covered by the Pack include the overnight Battleship trip, the overnight at the Museum of Science, overnight at the Roger Williams zoo, and summer camp. 

Who's Who
Anna Chagnon: 339-236-4062 (Cub Master)

Michael Chagnon 508-245-4871 (Treasurer Pack Committee)​
Katie Goodfellow: (Media Coordinator, Pack Committee)

Narragansett Council Office 401-351-8700
Swansea Scout Shop 508-675-1528
George O'Loughlin:  401-301-5307 (Northeast Service Area Council Executive)

The Pack has many openings for volunteers to help throughout the Scouting year.  It is recognized that everyone's situation is unique, so support opportunities have been created to provide flexibility to parents' busy schedules.  Some needs are on an ongoing basis, such as committees, and some roles are for specific activities or projects. Previous Scouting experience is not required to participate. Our hope is to have support commitment from every family at some time during the year.

​Pack 14 is chartered through Sts. Martha and Mary's Church, part of the Cranberry Catholic Collaborative.